MOTUC : stocks et rééditions en 2013 a détaillé le message posté par Toyguru sur les forums à propos des stocks et des ressorties de figurines Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) en 2013. En voici la traduction résumée en français.

Nous y prenons connaissance des stocks restant de figurines anciennes : si elles n’ont pas été liquidées lors du dernier cybermonday, c’est qu’elles sont épuisées (comme la Teela normale). Il reste toutefois des stocks limités de figs sorties avant 2012 qui devraient être offerts à la vente sur des sites de vente en ligne spécialisés (mais pas dans des magasins du monde réel). Mattel dit s’en débarrasser pour faire de la place pour les figs de 2013 et élargir le cercle des fans MOTUC.

Les figs essentielles comme He-Man et Skeletor (qui va revenir en stock dès que Mattel aura livré Digital River).

Les figs en ligne de 2012 ne sont pas des rééditions mais des stocks non écoulés (comme le Griffin ou Horde Prime), toutes les figs de 2012 ne sont plus en stock (Fisto et la Sorceress sont épuisés par exemple), mais pour certaines figurines, il subsiste quelques exemplaires qui seront proposés à la vente dans le courant de l’année 2013.

Il n’y aura plus de rééditions : la demande est trop faible et seuls Skeletor et Musclor sont rentables.


Toyguru popped on the forums with an update about the chances of getting the hard to find characters from 2012 and further back. Sadly, some highly demanded characters are completely gone. Read on to find out the identities of some of these unavailable characters.

Hey guys,

Wanted to post up a quick note to clarify and explain sales of older MOTUC product in 2013.

Most older pre 2012 figurss were offered last fall on Cyber Monday. If a figure was not offered during this sale, it pretty much means that figure is long gone (original Teela is a good example of this).

After Cyber Monday’s sale we were left with very little stock of some older pre 2012 figures. We have been working with select online retailers (not major brick and morter retailers like WMT, TRU or TGT!) to offer up this product to both make room in our center for upcoming 2013 product and to help spread the word about the MOTUC line. So if you see some select older pre 2012 product up on other collector based websites, this is what it is. I posted this on the Mattycollector forums a few months back, but I want to repost this here to make sure their are no surprises.

As for older product actually on, you will see two things:

1: « Evergreen » product like He-Man and Skeletor (who is coming back as soon as our last shipment arrives from Mattel to DR). These will remain on sale until they are gone.

2: Customer service stock of some 2012 figures. Some 2012 figures still have a very small quota of CS left (i.e. Horde Prime and Griffin this month). Once they are gone that is likely it. These are not second runs. This is similar to when we sold off the remaining CS stock of the Voltron Lions on Cyber Monday. We don’t have EVERY 2012 figure still in stock. In fact, most are gone for good (like Fisto and Sorceress). But their are a few figures we have a very small quota of and these will pop up throughout 2013 until they are gone.

I hope this helps clarify what you will see in terms of older figures. And of course you will still see new figures each month in or around the 15th. No figures in 2013 (or 2012) will go into a second run, so this is it boys and girls.

And to further clarify why we don’t do second runs anymore. Yes we do see demand online for some older figures. But after 2 years of running second runs and not a single figure outside of He-Man (and to some extent Skeletor) performing at the level we needed, the online « demand » just has not panned out to actual sales. While there are some very vocal fans asking for second runs of older figures, we gave this a shot and it just isn’t feasible in the real world outside of message boards (where a few people can be loud but not as numerious in real life as customers)

I hope that clarifies. So far we are off to a great start in 2013. Netossa comes up tomorrow with Ram Mana nd Jitsu following close behind in Feb.

And don’t forget our collector night at NYTF on Feb 10th from 3-6. We’ll have some awesome surprises and a live Q & A (which means no Feb 15th session online BTW of Ask Matty).

See you all on the boards!


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