Hot Toys : Captain Harlock with Throne of Arcadia

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Captain Harlock (Albator en VF) sera disponible à l’échelle 1/6 (30 cm, 12″) avec le trône d’Arcadia.

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Tête sculptée par K. A. Kim et peinte par JC. Hong, Head Art directed par Kojun

Date de sortie, deuxième ou troisième trimestre 2014.



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Space Pirate Captain Harlock was a classic manga comics created by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto in the 1970s. The story follows Harlock, an outcast, who has turned into a Space Pirate and led a crew aboard his starship Arcadia to rebel against Earth’s oppressors. Its popularity has led to the creation of an animation series in the 1980s, and this year the story has been remade as an epic CG film and is hitting the theatres.

Hot Toys is excited to present the new 1/6th scale Captain Harlock Collectible Figure with his majestic Throne of Arcadia from the Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG movie. The movie-accurate collectible is finely crafted features a newly developed head sculpt, stylish costume, a meticulously sculpted Throne of Arcadia, weapons and Captain Harlock’s avian friend – Mr. Bird.

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