Super Alloy : communiqué de Play Imaginative

Play Imaginative vient de publier un communiqué relatif à leur marque Super Alloy (que vous avez pu découvrir sur la NYCC, cliquez sur ce lien).

La société singapourienne a pris en compte les remarques sur ses prototypes et ses jouets et laisse entendre que l’amélioration de la qualité pourrait conduire à des retards de livraison des produits finaux.

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Dear customers,

This is an open statement from the Play Imaginative management and team.

Play Imaginative is aware of the various issues and comments regarding our Super Alloy products, and would like to assure collectors that we are working hard towards improving the quality of our figures, as well as our prototypes.

We understand that prototypes are important to our customers, and would like the community to know that we are working hard at producing good quality prototypes.

Play Imaginative will be taking steps to produce better collectibles, as well as to deliver them on time. However, if we feel that a product can be improved, we may have to make an executive decision to delay the product release, in order to launch a better quality figure. Please accept our apology should this happen, as our only objective is to release quality collectibles for the community.

In short, we want you to know that we hear you. We are listening, and we are improving.

Thank you for the continued support that the community has shown us. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you.

Play Imaginative welcomes any feedback and comments. Please email us at


The Play Imaginative management & team

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