Walking Dead : La série 5 de McFarlane (TV)

Prévue pour janvier, la cinquième wave de figurines de la série TV The Walking Dead  arrivera finalement en février. McFarlane a publié de nouvelles images de ces jouets à l’échelle 5″ pour l’occasion.

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Personnage attachant de la série TV et du comics, cette version de Glenn est sur-équipée et est accompagnée dans cette wave par la fig de Maggie, la fille d’Hershel dont il est amoureux.

With his uncanny ability to move in and out of perilous situations, Glenn has become Rick’s “go-to-town” expert. Throughout the apocalypse Glenn has proven himself a vital cog to the survival of the original Atlanta group. Through his bravery and selflessness, Glenn has also caught the eye of the Hershel’s daughter, Maggie. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, handgun with leg holster, knife with hip sheath, broken bloody pipe and alternate head with bloodied face.


L’un des poids lourds de la série, bientôt chez vous pour dégommer du zombie.

Out of food, supplies and options, Tyreese is forced to lead a small band of survivors into the walker-infested landscape of Atlanta in search of provisions and safety. With his sister Sasha by his side, Tyreese and his group stumble into the prison where they are rescued and taken in by Rick’s son, Carl. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, hammer, shotgun and a silenced pistol that fans will instantly recognize.



La fille aînée d’Hershel est une forte tête, armée jusqu’aux dents, elle est prête pour affronter l’apocalypse zombie.

Maggie is the eldest daughter of Hershel’s daughters, and it is apparent she is not your typical girl from the farm. Beautiful and headstrong, her qualities quickly attracted Glenn’s attention and he wasted no time making his feelings known in this new unpredictably dangerous world. They proved that even in a zombie apocalypse, love can flourish. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, knife with hip sheath, assault rifle, and pistol.


Charred Walker

Un nouveau zombie pour vote collection ! Cette fois-ci, c’est la version barbecue.

It is now clear what it takes to take down a Walker…Destroy the brain! Anything short of that could be a death sentence for any living human. As the Governor’s Woodbury camp and Rick’s group engage in full out warfare, one of the Governor’s main weapons is sabotaged by fire and gasoline when his screamer pit is ignited in a ball of flames! But fear not, with brains intact this Charred Walker’s taste for flesh continues! This action-figure comes with approximately 5 points of articulation, gas can, and disk base.


Merle Walker

Le frère de Daryl a perdu de sa fraicheur, mais pas de son charisme ! La version zombie de Merle est un must-have !

After being left for dead in Season 1, Merle Dixon, brother of Daryl, made his return as The Governor’s left-hand man (he lost his right) in Season 3! After reuniting with his baby bother, Merle began searching for redemption, but instead met his dimise. Daryl eventually finds his brother converted into a bloodied walker. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation and a prosthetic arm with prison shiv.

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