NECA Scalers : ils arrivent !

La sortie des NECA Scalers, ces petites figurines (issues de près de 50 des plus grosses licences du moment) à accrocher à vos câbles de connexion divers, est pour bientôt. Selon le communiqué de presse, la wave 1 devrait être disponible d’ici deux semaines.

Ils seront également présentés à la Toy Fair de New York sur le stand du fabricant.

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neca scalers

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NECA SCALERS « Wave 1 » Arriving in Retail in Two Weeks

SCALERS also to be on display at Toy Fair 2014

Mark your calendars! NECA today announced that SCALERS, their line of licensed “cord accessories”, will be arriving in select retailers in the next two weeks. SCALERS are decorative cord and cable accessories in the shape of popular characters, with a patented mechanism that fastens to headphone cords, device cables and more. SCALERS characters are based on popular film and television characters, from the infamous Freddy Krueger, to the incredibly lethal Alien from the movies of the same name. SCALERS are a great way to have fun with earbuds and other cables!
Each SCALER is a sculpted, hand-painted miniature character model from some of the most widely recognized properties in the world. SCALERS are the coolest accessories your cords will ever want to collect!

More than 50 licenses will be incorporated into the SCALERS product line, including Pacific Rim, Aliens, Predator, Godzilla, Portal, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. 

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