NYTF : Jazwares annonce une gamme « NBA Heroes »

Jazwares qu’on connaît pour ses jouets The A-team ou Street Fighter, annonce une nouvelle gamme dédiée aux stars du basket : NBA Heroes !

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Cette gamme sera disponible à l’automne 2014 aux USA et au Canada et offrira des figurines 6″ (15cm) complètement articulées de joueurs comme LeBron James, Kevin Durant ou encore Kobe Bryant !

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Jazwares to Create « NBA Heroes » Superstar Action Figures

‘Heroes’ Figures Take New Approach to World’s Best Basketball Players

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Jazwares, a leader in the licensed toys and electronics marketplace, announced today a new licensing agreement with the National Basketball Association to create the first-ever line of NBA Heroes action figures, play sets and role play toys. The line will be available in the U.S. & Canada this fall.

The new and innovative approach to professional basketball players will feature classic action figure attributes, fused with super-heroic alter egos. To help establish such character duality, the collection’s tagline announces: « Stars of the game. Heroes off the court. »

‘NBA™ Heroes’ will start its lineup with some of the NBA’s top players including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Deron Williams with additional players coming soon. Releasing later this year, the fully-articulated figures will be done in six-inch scale proportionate to each player’s height and build. The collection will be accompanied by a separate, feature-filled environmental play set.

« This line represents an exciting combination of high-profile, celebrity athletes and creative play, and introduces a new platform for toys and entertainment, » said Laura Zebersky, executive Vice President Global Sales & Licensing, Jazwares. « The rich heritage of the NBA and our approach to NBA Heroes will bring a unique and compelling style of play that has not been done until now. »

The announcement of the NBA license brings a new dimension to an already robust line-up of brands and is among several new deals announced this week. For more information about all of Jazwares’ current lines, please visit www.jazwares.com.

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