Outer Space Men : grosse promo vendredi


Grosse promo chez les Four Horsemen qui bradent à -50% leurs figurines 4″ des Outer Space Men.

Il s’agit de figurines dont l’emballage a été endommagé. Les jouets sont nickel, mais pas les cartes alors cette offre s’adresse plus aux collectionneurs loose.

La braderie commencera vendredi 11 avril à 19h sur leur site : http://www.StoreHorsemen.com/

four horsemen outer space men


We’re still cleaning out our warehouse and we’re getting rid of LOTS of sought after Outer Space Men items for a crazy low price! The reasons for these crazy low prices? The packaging is beat to crap, but the figures in the blisters are still in great shape, so if you’re a figure opener this sale is FOR YOU!

There are lots of Outer Space Men characters to choose from and lots of variant colors as well! Price will depend on version purchased, but all sale items will be 50% off their original price.

We have lots more of these left in stock than we did the items for the Seventh Kingdom Scratch & Dent sale, but the prices on these are so low that we expect them to sell fast, so get in there and get yours quickly. If any orders are accidentally placed over the actual amount in stock, those orders will have to be cancelled unfortunately.

Payment will be collected at the time the order is placed or soon after. Sale begins 4/11/2014 at 3pm est


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