Prototype Titanfall Atlas par ThreeZero

Après le succès du teaser, la semaine dernière, ThreeZero a publié aujourd’hui les images de son prototype de Titanfall. Atlas mesurera bien 50,8cm et disposera de doigts articulés et d’un cockpit fonctionnel avec pilote !

[English readers, please scroll down]

 titanfall atlas proto 4 titanfall atlas proto 2 titanfall atlas proto 1 titanfall atlas proto 9

[English statement by ThreeZero]

Today, we are ready to share photos of Titanfall Atlas prototype. Figure will stand approximately 20″ (50.8cm) tall and will be extremely detailed! As you can see on the photos it comes with a number of movable joints, articulated fingers and cockpit which can be opened. We have more surprises and will reveal full specification later on.

Naturally Atlas will be coming with the pilot as well. Wait when you will see it fully painted and with weathering applied!

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