MOTUC c’est reparti pour 2015


Sans grande surprise les abonnements au Club Eternia 2015, la souscription pour recevoir les figurines Masters Of The Universe Classics en 2015, a atteint un taux de 100,09%.

Après avoir joué un week-end de prolongation (lire l’article), Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich, le responsable de la gamme chez Mattel USA, peut donc se féliciter d’avoir sus fédérer les fans autour de son projet pour une 8ème année consécutive et pour une année qui signera la fin des des réédition vintage en MOTUC.

Reste à savoir si les fans et collectionneurs suivrons en 2016, rien n’est certain.


Lire le communiqué en anglais de Mattel cliquez ici

We Did It! No, YOU Did It!
MOTU fans are literally the greatest on the planet! We reached 100.09% and the 2015 sub is a GO! This is EVERYTHING! This means we just unlocked and completed the vintage line in modern collecting scale and I don’t think any other toy line ever has done this!

And how did we do this? You, the fans! You made this happen! Through never-ending support, fan videos, contests, and a simply unparalleled level of support from the He-Fan and She-Raver community, we are going to be able to release every figure from the vintage MOTU line, including variants (1982-1988), every original POP vintage figure (1984-1987) and all of the A-list New Adventures, mini comic, Filmation and 200X figures (as well as a few surprises!).

It also means we can complete the bios and mini-comics by releasing all three parts of the « Fall of Eternia » storyline, with issue 6 exclusive to the sub-only Oo-Lar figure and issues 7 and 8 both coming with the $60 holiday item(included in the sub but also with All Access availability).

This isn’t just getting another year of toys, this is literally completing 7 1/2 years of releases, from King Grayskull at SDCC 2008 through the final figure in December 2015. We even got an amazing 6″ scale Castle Grayskull, vehicles, beasts, prototype/concept figures, a huge red dragon and what is literally the greatest variety of MOTU figures ever release in any toy line! Wow!

I could not be more proud and honored to have the opportunity to work on a line like this. At this point, no idea yet on anything past 2015 (that will take some time to review) but for now we can all celebrate the fact that 2015 is for sure is going forward and by December 2015 we can all look at our toy shelves and feel like they truly hold a complete collection.

Special thanks to all of the fan sites, including, Action Figure Insider, Pixel-Dan, The Great Rebellion, Masters Toys and all the rest for their never-ending support. And huge thanks to the Four Horsemen for really coming out to post and podcast, right up to the zero hour. I am just thrilled to be part of such a group of dedicated toy fans. We deserve this and have a whole year now to rest and enjoy monthly shipments of our favorite 6″ toy line.

Congrats to all and again, thank you to the fans. This toy line is for you and would absolutely not exist without your unwavering support. If there ever was a year to support, it was this one and 2015, as promised, will complete our collections. I, for one, cannot wait to look at every release and treasure them for decades to come.

We did it!! You did it! Everyone did it! What a great journey!

Forever a He-Fan,

Scott « ToyGuru » Neitlich

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1 Response à " MOTUC c’est reparti pour 2015 "

  1. seeland dit :

    Et c’est une bonne nouvelle ! Ce qui est chouette avec cette collection, c’est qu’elle offre à tous les fans la possibilité de voir des figurines de leur partie préférée de la série réalisée…
    L’exact contraire des myths cloths ? lol


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