Mythic Legions de nouvelles annonces

Bonne nouvelles pour ceux et celles qui suivent l’opération de financement participatif des Four Horsemen pour leur gamme Mythic Legions. Ils sont à 91% de leur objectif !

Quelques petits ajustements sont faits afin de satisfaire les fans :

  • Attlus le Conquérant et Urkku seront disponibles à 140,000.00 $,
  • Vitus et Asterionn seront disponibles à 150,000.00 $,
  • Azhar et Zazhar seront disponibles à 160,000.00 $.

Les Four Horsemen ont également dévoilé :

  • Asterionn le Minotaure
  • Vitus (version finalisée et plus détaillée)
  • Malleus est disponible dès maintenant comme un add-on à 33 $ pièce (US ) et 40$ ( internationaux)





We are now about two and a half weeks into our Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, and we have just broken the 91% mark! To all of our backers and to all of the folks out there spreading the word: Thank You so much for helping to get us closer to making this dream line a reality! To celebrate the success that we are having with the campaign so far we wanted to reveal some new figures, and announce some exciting updates…

Reworked stretch goal numbers: We know that you all want to get to the stretch goals as soon as possible, and so do we. So we have moved the stretch goal numbers around a little bit so that as soon as the goal number is met the first two stretch goal figures will become available! So that means that Attlus the Conqueror and Urkku will be available at $140,000.00, Vitus and Asterionn will be available at $150,000.00, and Azhar and Zazhar will be available at $160,000.00. Hopefully that will give us time to move through the stretch goals and beyond!

Vitus and Asterionn revealed: We are so excited to finally reveal these two amazing figures! Vitus and Asterionn are two of the most unique looking figures in Mythic Legions to date. We can’t pass up a good opportunity for a good old fashioned Minotaur figure, and Vitus brings an entirely new look to the warriors in this line. Also, pay close attention to Vitus’ armor and gloves. The armor is the first example that we are showing of the final enhanced detail that we added to the tooling patterns, and the gloves are the first time we’ve shown the added wrist articulation on these figures.

All new Malleus figure revealed and available NOW!: We’ve wanted to find a way to get this guy into the lineup, and we couldn’t think of a better time than now! This menacing skeleton axe lord is officially making his debut in Mythic Legions. He’s the first skeleton figure to feature an added hinged jaw, and his unique head design is cracked and worn from his years on the battlefield! Malleus is available right now as an add on at $33 a piece for US backers and $40 a piece for International backers!

Again, thank you so much to all of you that have been supporting the Mythic Legions Kickstarter! We couldn’t do it without you!



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