NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld

Zolo World a dévoilé deux des cinq figurines Realm of the Underworld exclusives pour le New York comic Con 2016.

  • Acromancer (Lord Of Chaos)
  • Solar Burst Kry-Sis

Les figurines qui on le rappelle , sont à l’échelle des Masters Of The Universe vintage, seront disponible sur le stand de Zoloworld du 6 au 9 octobre pendant la NYCC.

Acromancer (Lord Of Chaos)
The Dark Wizard waits at a gate to the Overworld.. HE listens as the heroes are getting closer. The Warlock is CONJURING a SPELL.. This Stygian magic will transform a wanderer into burst of fire! The Champion’s Of Good are approaching.. Will HE be triumphant? TO BE CONTINUED…
Get the Lord Of Chaos at booth 2680! NYCC October 6-9th 2016

NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld

NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld

Standing at a gate to the Underworld, Acromancer (Underworld Warlock) casts a devastating spell at the warriors! KRY-SIS is HIT! He buckles to the ground and begins to scream as he is being transformed. His skin bursts into flames as he becomes pure energy! Out from the shadows, Wretched Wraith Preytus emerges with his STAFF OF PAIN! Now, Acromancer and Preytus creep toward the forces of good! Will the spell wear off before KRY-SIS is absorbed by this evil magic? YOU decide!
Get SOLAR BURST KRY-SIS at New York Comic Con (October 6-9th 2016) at Booth 3680. All remaining stock will be available after the expo. This is the first of FIVE!

NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld

NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld



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2 Responses à " NYCC2016 : Des exclu Realm of the Underworld "

  1. Startaiger dit :

    C’est bien kitsch, j’adore!!

  2. Blaster dit :

    Parfait pour le Slime Pit MOTU.


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