GI Joe collector club : figurine exclusive révélée

Il s’agit d’un marin : Topside !

Il a été révélé sur le stand d’Hasbro au NYCC 2011 avec Quarrel et le Nano BAT déjà montrés sur Toyzmag.


Crédit photo Hisstank

10/14/2011 – NEW G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service Sneak Preview: Topside!

We are almost ready! We will be sending out full information on our ALL-NEW G.I. Joe Figure Subscription service in near future, but in the meantime, we want to give you another FIRST LOOK at one of the figures… G.I. Joe Navy Security: TOPSIDE! He is making his debut here today AND this weekend at the New York Comic Con!

Each figure will be packaged on a 25th Anniversary style blister card. TOPSIDE will ship with another figure still to be announced. This figure, plus the other 11 subscription figures, will only be available through the GIJCC Figure Subscription Service from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. As an added bonus, when you complete the six month subscription, you will receive a FREE bonus (secret) 13th figure.

To see Quarrel and Nano B.A.T., if you are at NYCC, check them out in Hasbro’s case next to Topside otherwise go

Note: This Subscription Service is an additional option as a club member and is not included with your club membership fee.


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