Canadian Joe Con et Coil Con : retour sur les conventions G.I. Joe de l’été

Après la JoeCon officielle (dont notre partenaire, General’s Joes offre une review des exclusivités), les fans de G.I. Joe se retrouvent un peu partout en Amérique du Nord pour des conventions plus artisanales mais toujours très appréciées.

Dans le Midwest  pour la Coil Con comme au Canada (la Canadian Joe Con), les organisateurs avaient prévu des jouets exclusifs pour les participants, des tables rondes, des stands, des dédicaces…

Jetons un oeil sur les exclusivités

Canadian Joe Con (10 et 11 août 2012)

La Canadian JoeCon s’est déroulée à Toronto (Ontario, Canada) avec des figurines exclusives, un comic exclusif, des séminaires, des vendeurs… On y a vu l’artiste de chez IDW Robert Atkins ainsiq que les auteurs G.I. Joe Mark Bellomo et James Kavanaugh, Jr. Mais venons-en aux jouets.

Code Name: BLACK ICE
Primary Military Specialty : Stealth & Infiltration
Secondary Military Specialty : Cold Weather Specialist
Birthplace: UNKNOWN

Black Ice

Primary Military Specialty : Arctic Terrain Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty : Infantry, Weapons
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED

Joe Canuck

H.A.T.E. Scout

Code Name: H.A.G.A.R.
(Heavy Armament Guided Attack Robot)


Primary Military Specialty : HATE SCOUT Driver
Secondary Military Specialty : Explosives
Birthplace: Summerside, Prince Edward Island


Primary Military Specialty : Experimental Weaponry
Secondary Military Specialty : Electronics
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany



Coil Con (8 et 9 septembre 2012)

Nos amis de l’Indiana ont décidé de créer (en 40 exemplaires) un pack de deux figurines chacune avec un véhicule pour 125 dollars.

Zilant, Coil Guerrilla Fighter

A legendary creature from Russian and Tatar myth, the zilant is a fearsome winged snake. Sometimes helpful, sometimes destructive, they are known for fiercely protecting their homes from incursion.

Zilant was born in a small town in the Eastern European nation of Tatahkstan where he grew up sharing his father’s passion for building and flying ultralight aircraft. After Tatahkstan chose to remain independent following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Zilant joined his nation’s fledgling armed forces, committing himself to keeping his land free from occupying forces. When Tatahkstan was later ravaged by heavy fighting between G.I. Joe and Cobra, Zilant was able to escape the carnage in one of his father’s aircraft. Driven by a desire to rid his homeland of outside oppression, he joined the COIL and used their resources to raise a homegrown force to repel both foreign armies. He combined it with his knowledge of light aircraft to become an authority in the development and use of ultralight aircraft, gliders and windsuits as a method of covertly inserting special ops troops.

Recently, there’s been a new force intent on invading his homeland, so Zilant is taking action once again. He thought that he had faced and defeated his enemies, but is this new man his ultimate enemy?

 SFC Dodger, Experimental Equipment Expert

The only surviving member of BattleForce 2000, SFC. Dodger is the G.I. Joe Team’s experimental equipment expert. When he’s not helping to repair vehicles and gear damaged in combat, he is off working to develop new, cutting-edge hardware that will help keep his teammates one step ahead of their many adversaries.


Et leurs deux deltaplanes / planeurs (gliders)



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