Packaging : Lego réduit ses coûts et son empreinte environnementale

La firme danoise leader mondiale du jeu de construction en briques, Lego, communique actuellement sur les progrès environnementaux attendus des nouveaux emballages de ses jouets.

En plus de réduire ses coûts de production, l’économie de carton pour 2013 devrait représenter 4000 tonnes.

Lego n’en est pas à son premier coup en matière de responsabilité environnementale : en 2012, le groupe s’était payé une ferme éolienne située dans le nord de l’Allemagne. Lego s’attend à ce que dès 2015, la ferme produise autant d’énergie renouvelable que le groupe en consomme.

nouveau packaging Lego (àdroite sur la photo)

nouveau packaging Lego (à droite sur la photo)

In 2013 the LEGO Group will introduce a new series of environmentally friendly, smaller LEGO boxes containing the same number of LEGO bricks. The change will reduce the LEGO Group’s annual consumption of cardboard for boxes by about 4,000 tons depending on the number of sets sold.

At the same time the cardboard used in the new boxes will carry FSC certification. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international certificate guaranteeing that paper, cardboard, etc., comes from sustainable forests.

“We are introducing the new boxes as an environmental measure, and hope at the same time that consumers will welcome the visible change. We’re reducing the size of our boxes because we think it makes sense for shoppers, customers and for our business – and because we harbour an ambition to exert a positive effect on our surroundings. We believe we share responsibility for our planet, the wider community, and the generations who will follow us,” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of the LEGO Group.

In 2013 all new products launched will be packed in smaller boxes, and by 2015 all LEGO products on the market will be packed in the smaller boxes. The change will reduce the CO2 impact from packaging by about 10%, and the smaller boxes will make it possible to save approx. 18% of the cardboard used for LEGO boxes.

New boxes a benefit everyone
The reason for the LEGO Group’s focus on reducing packaging is that approx. 15% of the Group’s total CO2 impact is associated with its packaging. But the new boxes are good news not only for the environment.

“Consumers will find it easier to handle the packaging, retailers will have space for more boxes on their shelves, and we’ll use less energy in transporting the goods to the shops. So it’s a win‑win situation for everybody,” says John Goodwin, CFO of the LEGO Group.

Benefits from invisible improvements
The LEGO Group is currently engaged in a number of other initiatives which may not be as visible to the consumer but nevertheless have a major effect on the environmental impact.

Roughly a quarter of the LEGO Group’s total carbon emissions stem from the manufacturing of LEGO bricks. Efforts are therefore being made to mould LEGO elements more efficiently.

John Goodwin: “In 2012 we improved the energy efficiency of our production by 4.1%. Reducing energy consumption by that much really does make a difference to the environment – even though it may not be visible to shoppers.”

Investment in wind energy
Over the past five years the LEGO Group has increased its sales by more than 15% a year – and this rate of growth has brought the Group’s environmental impact into stronger focus. In 2012 the LEGO Group – via its parent company – invested in an offshore wind park off northern Germany.

“It’s an investment I’m proud of because it means that by 2015 we will be generating renewable energy corresponding to our own energy consumption for many years ahead,” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.

The amount of sustainable energy from the off-shore wind farm will correspond to the annual power consumption of about 100,000 households.

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