MOTU : Maskor au boulot

En voilà une opération sympathique : « Bring your Man-E-Faces to work Day » vise à inciter les fans à prendre en photo leur figurine de Maskor sur leur lieu de travail. RDV le 3 septembre prochain pour la troisième édition.

manefaces maskor motu

Toutes les infos sont disponibles sur la page Facebook :

Cette initiative est née d’une blague chez NECA :


Bring your Man-E-Faces to Work’ Day was initially the idea of NECA sculptor/ fabricator Thomas Gwyn as goof on a fellow co-worker. Many of us at NECA are fans of Masters of the Universe Classic action figures and although not everyone wants the same characters, everyone wanted the new Man-E-Faces. Well, there was one hold-out however: painter Geoff Trapp. Although his MOTUC collection was substantial, he refused to buy a Man-E-Faces figure. Thus Thomas decided to step in and suggest the creation of ‘Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work’ Day, deliberately to show Geoff that he was missing out on something special. Through the power of good ‘ol peer pressure, Geoff changed his mind and bought a Man-E-Faces figure after all. And thus the goal was achieved, and a new holiday was born.

Since then Man-E-Faces Day has come to mean more than psychologically manipulating a co-worker to fit in, it’s come to represent change- the potential and inevitable changes that effect us all, which as we’ve learned from Geoff’s example, can be very beneficial. And since it always takes place on the day after Labor Day, it also celebrates the unofficial beginning of Fall, the season of ‘change’. So whether you celebrate with a cake, cookies and party hats or just by bringing you’re old skool Man-E-Faces toy to work, know that you won’t be the only one celebrating ‘change’. Change is good- celebrate with us on ‘Bring your Man-E-Faces’ to Work Day.

Also, please feel free to post any artwork or pictures relating to our favorite face-changing hero. Celebrate Man-E-Faces all year long!

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