Bruce The Big Boss par Enterbay

Le fabricant chinois Enterbay a présenté ce matin, à l’occasion du 73ème anniversaire de la naissance de Bruce Lee, la figurine 12″ (30cm environ soit échelle 1/6) de l’acteur de Hong Kong.

Ce « héros chinois » possède deux tête alternatives et a été peint à la main grâce à une technique multicouche.

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Le cri de combat de Bruce Lee vous surprendra peut-être à l’ouverture de la boîte, mais ça devrait être drôle à écouter grâce petit haut-parleur glissé par Enterbay dnas l’emballage.

ENTERBAY present to you “Bruce Lee, The Big Boss” 1/6 Real Masterpiece Figurine to commemorate Bruce Lee’s life and legacy that continues to inspire the world, on his 73rd anniversary birth memorial.

Being one of the most important martial artists ever to grace the big screen, Bruce Lee had struggled mightily for years to take lead in great movies. “The Big Boss” broke all box office records in HK at the time and triggered his meteoric rise.

“Bruce Lee, The Big Boss” by ENTERBAY will surely bring you more of an intimate experience to this Chinese Hero. The set comes with 2 newly designed head sculpts of museum-like representation of Bruce Lee, hand painted individually with ‘multi-layer’ technique to sophistication. With our newly explored light-sensor speaker, once the box set is opened, you will be amazed to hear Bruce Lee’s iconic fighting roar, match perfectly with Bruce Lee’s figurine in the head sculpt that accurately resembles his roaring facial expression.

Get ready to witness the legend of the dragon. ENTERBAY hopes our “Bruce Lee, The Big Boss” could bring lively memories of the Chinese Hero to you all! ‪#‎ENTERBAY_BruceLee‬


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