Enterbay : un Bruce Lee plus vrai que nature

Si vous avez mauvais esprit, vous me direz certainement : « Bruce Lee plus vrai que nature aujourd’hui, ça doit pas être très joli »… Mais comme vous êtes des lecteurs appliqués, intelligents et bon esprit, je suis sûr que vous avez tous en tête la figurine Enterbay présentée il y a quelques jours et qui devient désormais officiellement disponible auprès du fabricant chinois.

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L’emballage de cette figurine 12″ (30cm) dispose d’un système sonore activé à l’ouverture et qui reproduit le cri de combat de la star du cinéma hong-kongais.

Plusieurs têtes (2) et jeux de mains (5) permettent de donner vie à cette figurine dont la fabrication (caoutchouc avec peinture multicouche pour la peau) est incroyable de réalisme


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(RM-1056) Bruce Lee – The Big Boss

ENTERBAY present to you “Bruce Lee, The Big Boss” 1/6 Real Masterpiece Figurine to marked the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee\’s death. His impact on the martial arts world still resonates and his legacy still goes unparalleled. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since Bruce Lee passed away. Such is his significance in the martial arts world that people still talk about him, debate him and imitate him.

Being one of the most important martial artists ever to grace the big screen, Bruce Lee had struggled mightily for years to take lead in great movies.  “The Big Boss” broke all box office records in HK at the time and triggered his meteoric rise.

Get ready to witness the legend of the dragon.  ENTERBAY hopes our “Bruce Lee, The Big Boss” could bring lively memories of the Chinese Hero to you all!

  •  2 (two) head sculpts of museum-like representation of Bruce Lee with authentic likeness, each with a different facial expression; one with the serious face and the other is the iconic screaming expression.
  •        Each head sculpts are individually hand-painted with newly developed \ »multi layer\ » paint application
  •        Newly developed Bruce Lee muscular body with 30 points of articulation, with partially rubber coating to refine the visual perception.
  •        5 (five) pieces of interchangeable hands, including Lee’s iconic thumb up
  •        One set of traditional Kung Fu outfit, including a white shirtsleeve T-shirt with buttons and a pair of Kung Fu pants with black Wushu belt
  •        One battle damaged white Kung Fu T-shirt
  •        A jade (look-alike) pendant with string necklace
  •        A pair of Kung Fu shoes
  •        The newly designed packaging box with sound effect, which has a light-sensor speaker, once the box set is opened, you will be amazed to hear Bruce Lee’s iconic fighting roar.
  •        FS-201 figure stand


Head Sculpted 3D modeling by : chukawa

Head sculpt art director: SCUDERIA

General sculpture art director : YJ

Paint Art Director: YJ

Production and manufacturing: ENTERBAY

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