Dragon Ball Z – Figuarts Zero: Freezer (Final Form)

Tamashii Nations poursuit son exploitation de la licence Dragon Ball Z avec un nouvelle version de Freezer (Final Form) au format Figuarts Zero.

Cette statuette est attendue pour juillet au prix de 32 dollars aux USA.

MISE A JOUR 11/03/14 : Tamashii Nations France annonce la sortie européenne en septembre.

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Figuarts Zero: Frieza Final Form

July 2014 $34.99

Frieza joins the Figuarts ZERO series in his Final Form! Depicted as he appears during the final moments of his climactic fight with Goku on Planet Namek, this high-end statue recreates Frieza using 100% of his battle power. The added bulk on this powered up version of Frieza has been rendered with meticulous detail, capturing his rippling musculature seen when he was fighting for his life. Clear energy effects surge around the conqueror of worlds, further demonstrating his lust for destruction. A detailed base is included to complete the scene, capturing the feel of the planet laid to waste. Don’t wait- it may only take five minutes to blow up a planet, but it takes only a few seconds to preorder this beauty. Get yours today!

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