MOTUC, Multi-Bot repoussé à juin !

C’est pas la voix de son nouveau porte parole Skeletor’s Love Child (pseudo sous lequel se cache Brandon Sopinsky, Mattel designer) via la page officielle Facebook Mattycollector que nous avons appris cette nuit que la figurine Masters Of The Univers Classics (MOTUC) de Multi-bot initialement prévue pour mai serait décalé au mois de juin 2015.
Multibot Update: He’s taking longer to arrive than planned so he’ll be released in June instead of May.

MULTI-BOT UPDATE: From the Desk of Skeletor’s Love Child
Good morning (or afternoon for those who may be viewing from across the pond)!
Quick update about our friend Multi-Bot: I know he was originally scheduled to be released in May, however it’s taking him a little longer than planned to get here. Since I can’t give you something that’s not physically here he will now be offered in June. Just wanted to give you a heads up so the worry/concern/panic attacks could be minimize
Skeletor’s Love Child

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