MOTUC King Hssss V2 pour Novembre 2015

Nouveau message de la part du community Manager de Mattycollector Skeletor’s Love Child pour la gamme Masters Of The Universe Classics, qui nous informe que le torse version V2 de King Hssss initialement prévue avec Hordak Buzz Shaw fera finalement l’objet d’un nouvelle figurine.

Normalement prévu avec la figurine avec Buzz Saw (qui est inclut dans la souscription 2015), le nouveau torse version serpents de la figurine King Hsss Motu200x, ne sera pas livré avec Hordak. La raison un coût de production trop important. De ce fait et afin de ne pas décevoir les fans, Mattel va produite une 3eme version de son King Hissss, cette nouvelle figurine sera disponible en novembre 2015, elle se sera pas incluse dans l’abonnement Club2015 mais ellefera l’objet d’un early access pour les membres.

Le message sur le forum officiel MATTY via ce lien 

I know you guys have been wondering about King Hssss and now that I have some concrete answers I can share what’s going on.

Yes, the new torso was scheduled to be released with Buzz Saw Hordak. However, when we tried to combine the two we found out that it wouldn’t be possible to do so due to costs. We tried a few different options (alternate packaging, higher price point, etc.), but none of these choices made sense (business or common).

So here’s what we’ve decided to do: King Hssss will still be released in 2015 but he will arrive as a complete figure. Accessories, alternate head, another set of legs…it will all be there. After reviewing all the different factors that went into making this product this was the only thing that made sense as well as the right thing to do. We know that promises were made regarding how you were supposed to receive this figure but ultimately…it just wasn’t possible. It didn’t sit well with any of us to force you to pay a premium for this item so we decided to put the power in your hands.

As a sub holder you will not be locked in to purchasing this figure. King Hssss will be offered during the month of November as an add on item. If you want him, he’ll be available during Early Access; if not, you won’t be obligated to purchase. All remaining stock not purchased will be offered during our November All Access sale.

There will be pictures posted of the bendy headed Snake Men leader at a later date, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to give you a heads up.

Transparently Yours,
Skeletor’s Love Child Smiler


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