Bonus Marauder Task Force pour le MTF Valkyries Kickstarter

Devant la réussite de la lever de fonds pour la nouvelle gamme de figurines féminies 10cm Marauder Task Force Valkyries, Maaurder Inc a décidé d’ajouter un bonus : 4 nouvelles figurines Marauder Task Force !

La version jaune et vert est peut-être la plus intéressante pour les fans de G.I. Joe qui souhaiteraient recréer une armée de Coil Troopers et pour ceux de Marvel universe à la recherche de soldats pour Hydra.

Hey Folks!
We added 4 (FOUR) new Marauder Task Force stretch goal bonus figures to the MTF Valkyries Kickstarter. We wanted a way to offer our “army builder” fans more options AND provide NEW items that will arrive in October of this year…not just in June of next year. New, highly requested, color combinations that greatly expand upon the current Marauder Task Force offerings. Solid Brown & Black, Solid Gray & Black, Orange & Black and Yellow & Green color combinations. The new stretch goals were added earlier in the stretch goal list, have smaller funding level goals to reach and the FULLY equipped figures will be available at huge discounts off their regular retail prices. So now is the time to build up your troops at value prices AND join in the MTF Valkyries Kickstarter project (with your support, we can unlock even MORE stretch goal items!). Added some very basic illustrations to the event and have tooling test shot samples on the way for images.
Hope you like them!


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