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Mythic Legions : Coliseum, encore du nouveau !

C'est comme les gens qui s'imaginent qu'ils seront plus heureux en allant vivre ailleurs, mais qui apprennent que ça ne marche pas comme ça. Où qu'on aille, on s'emmène avec soi.
Mythic Legions : Coliseum, encore du nouveau ! Posted on 17 juillet 20172 Comments
C'est comme les gens qui s'imaginent qu'ils seront plus heureux en allant vivre ailleurs, mais qui apprennent que ça ne marche pas comme ça. Où qu'on aille, on s'emmène avec soi.

On n’arrête plus les FOUR HORSEMEN ! Les quatre cavaliers du jouets de collection alternatifs ont dévoilé un nombre important de nouveautés pour leur gamme de figurines Mythic Legions : Coliseum.

MYTHIC LEGIONS: COLISEUM ouverture de précommande le 19 juillet 2017

  • Adamonn ($35),
  • Halmyr Goldentooth ($35),
  • Keltuss ($35), Rahmulus ($35),
  • Raygorr ($35),
  • the Orc Legion Builder 3 ($28),
  • the Black Knight Legion Builder ($22),
  • Brontus the Arena Troll ($100)!




MYTHIC LEGIONS: COLISEUM : Brontus, the Arena Troll

The best of the best have won the long, bloody day within the Mercurian Coliseum. Drawn together into the center of the arena, all of the days’ victors are met with resounding cheers from the massive crowd of rabid spectators. Vigorously congratulating one another and waving valiantly to their supposedly adoring fans above, the combatants suddenly realize that the attention of the crowd is not actually focused on themselves, but on a large, slowly opening doorway off to the side of the arena. A warm, foul stench begins to belch forth from the black opening, and something from within lets out a terrifyingly primal roar. As a large, single blue eye peers out from the darkness, the crowd grows silent in anticipation of the slaughter that’s about to begin. Slaughter at the massive hands of Brontus, the Arena Troll! (character weapon not yet shown)

Mythic Legions: Coliseum




Having been the only combatant to ever use his feared abilities of dark sorcery along with his own physical might while battling in the arena, his name still echoes as if hissed by a mountain of snakes from deep within the tunnels of the Mercurian Coliseum. Keltuss!
Mythic Legions: Coliseum – pre-orders begin July 19th, 2017 on Store Horsemen. More details coming soon.
Keltuss will not only be available for pre-order along with the rest of the Mythic Legions: Coliseum wave, but he and Adamonn will also be in stock and up for sale in very limited amounts at Power-Con 2017 (Sept. 9 & 10). No pre-orders allowed for the Power-Con sales – in show sales only. Details about that sale coming soon.

Mythic Legions: Coliseum




One of the most retold stories of the Mercurian Coliseum is about a set of twins that were reported to have been abducted as young boys and forced to train for, and eventually fight in, the constantly blood spattered central arena. These two became a singular legend throughout Mythoss, always victoriously battling side by side against every opponent who sought to defeat them no matter how large or numerous. After his brother’s mysterious disappearance, the warrior known only as Rahmulus vowed to escape the dark walls of the Mercurian Coliseum at any cost so that he and his sibling could be united once more.





From all across the world warriors were gathered either voluntarily, or sometimes by force, to test their mettle within the walls of the Mercurian Coliseum. One such combatant arrived from far away with a knowledge of battle never before seen in the lands of Mythoss. His speed, precision and hand to hand combat techniques were unmatched, and his enemies were quickly dispatched with a ferocious flurry of fists and feet. Whether with his hands alone, or with any weapon he was supplied, Raygorr instilled the fear of the power of his namesake – the dragon – into his opponents.
This figure is being created as a tribute figure to the memory of Mythic Legions fan Raymond Wu who passed away suddenly last year. Ray was an outspoken and loyal supporter of both Mythic Legions and Four Horsemen Toy Design, as well as a valued customer and beloved member of the various Mythic Legions message boards and Facebook pages. We don’t feel out of line at all when we say that Ray’s presence will not only be missed by us here at Four Horsemen Studios, but it will also be greatly missed by the many Mythic Legions fans and board members who came in contact with him. A percentage of the proceeds of the sale of each Raygarr figure sold will go to help support Ray’s enormous funeral costs, and to hopefully lessen a little of the financial burden upon Ray’s family members. Rest in peace, Ray.





MYTHIC LEGIONS: COLISEUM : Black Knight Legion builder

The many legends of the Mercurian Coliseum tell of fierce battles, horrific deaths, and glorious victories, but not often mentioned in these tales of the arena are the stories of those who guard the shadowy catacombs of the coliseum – those who protect the lives of the dignitaries who come for the spectacle – those who ensure that the combatants are held in check until the time they’re called upon. The few tales that do briefly mention these loyal, but dark denizens of the Mercurian Coliseum describe them as shadows of destructive force, and warn that if you see a hint of red from the corner of your eye, or a flash of silver emerging from the darkness, your best bet would be to surrender to these black guardians.
The Black Knight Legion Builder!





Though small in stature, throughout the history of the Mercurian Coliseum, the beast-like ferocity of this Dwarven warrior grew into legendary proportions. Even the largest, toughest and mightiest of combatants understood that it was wise to always avoid the utterly devastating hammer of Halmyr Goldentooth!

Halmyr Goldentooth




When the arena’s combatants are at the height of the skirmish, a brigade of these foul creatures are unleashed from deep within the bowels of the Mercurian Coliseum to heighten the insanity of carnage and bloodlust!






From the legends of the blood-soaked ground of the Mercurian Coliseum comes the first reveal from the next Mythic Legions wave – the warrior of eternal power, Adamonn!



A noter que les deux figurines Mythic Legions: Coliseum – Adamonn & Keltuss sotn clairement un hommage à He-Man et Skeletor (Musclor et Skeletor). Ils seront disponibles en avant première les 9 et 10 septembre prochains au Power Con aux USA.


Two of the recently revealed characters from Mythic Legions: Coliseum – Adamonn and Keltuss – will be making their debut and will be in hand & up for sale in verily limited numbers at the 2017 Power-Con – September 9th & 10th in Los Angeles, CA!

A certain amount will be set aside for each day of the show, so if you miss out on the 9th, come back on the 10th and try your luck again! Get there early though, because if you were there for the sale of the Mythic Legions: Unkann figure at the last Power-Con, you’ll know that they were all completely sold out FAST!

There will be no pre-order for the limited supply of Adamonn and Keltuss figures that will be up for sale at Power-Con, and it will be a « strictly cash only » sale, but if you are lucky enough to get yours at the show, you’ll be able to walk away with your Adamonn and Keltuss figures months before the Store Horsemen pre-orders for the Mythic Legions: Coliseum wave are shipped out! The figures can be purchased separately and each figure will be $35.00.

Good luck, and we’ll see you at the 2017 Power Con!!


C'est comme les gens qui s'imaginent qu'ils seront plus heureux en allant vivre ailleurs, mais qui apprennent que ça ne marche pas comme ça. Où qu'on aille, on s'emmène avec soi.


  1. Salut,
    Je ne connais pas bien cette franchise mais je la trouve vraiment sympa. On peut les trouver en magasin en France ou dans les boutiques en ligne françaises ? J’ai pas trouvé jusqu’à présent… Merci 😉

  2. La dernière image jusque dans la police du texte + les 2 figs est un clin d oeil sympa a MOTU. Perso je les trouve géniales, le PB reste la diffusion assez confidentielle mais bon ça merite et puis comme ça tout le monde ne les a pas 😉

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